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Dota-Allstars Juking Guide

After the recent nerf of the Kellen Dagger of Escape , one thing for sure. There's no longer such easy mechanism to escape from ganking. We must now depends on our brain and our skills. And basically, there is two skills to avoid death from ganking. That is Juking and Warding.

This post will focused on how to Juking and show some spot for juking. I will cover warding on the another post. Ok, let's get the idea. Maybe some of you still wondering, what Juking is. Generally, Juking is a way to fool and trick your enemies when they are chasing you. Successfull jukes will make the enemies to hit their spell in the wrong place, lose a step when chasing you or even lost their sight on you. You can see some great example of juking on this video.

The most important thing on juking is to make the enemies move into the wrong direction. When the enemies got tricked, you can quickly use a Town Portal or escaping to other direction. There's several way to do that. The most easiest way but yet not too effectice against pro player is sudden change of direction. By suddenly move to different way will make the enemies lose a step. But a pro player is rarely got tricked by this one.

Another way is by using some hiding path to make the enemies lose their sight for while. This is very usefull and used in many high level games. To effectively use this trick, there is some common juking path you must know. Below is several place that used really often for juking the enemies.

This one is in the middle of Scourge tower. Use it to hide or even escaping from chaser hero like Dark Stalker when they come to your tower.
Above is in the top tower of the Scourge.

This one is on the near top tower of the Scourge. Use this to juking around when the enemies chase you.

This one is in the bottom tower of the Sentinel. Very usefull to escaping from the death :D

You can also use this to fleeing from chaser.

This is placed on the middle Sentinel tower. Very usefull for juking or even for Pudge hiding place before hooking.

The last picture, can you guess where it is? Yes, this is on the left side of Sentinel tower.

Still curious with another hiding or juking path? Recently, i just finish make the Dota-Allstars secret path map. In this map, i marked the secret path on the Dota-Allstars Map Layout so you can find it easily. Just wait a little bit. I will release it shortly. Cheers :)

Note: The pictures above is from totallnewbie guide on, the credits goes to him.

Update: I just released the Dota-Allstars Secret Path Map, give it a peek :D
Update 2: Check the new Dota Juke Spot after Dota 6.60 update

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