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Some Dota-Allstars 6.51 Map Screenshot

As i promised, this is some screenshot from Dota-Allstars 6.51. You can download the official map and the changelogs in Official Dota-Allstars 6.51 Map post.

Dota Assist Score

As you can see from the picture above, there's additional point after kills and Deaths. That's the assist point. From my personal point of view and some hints from the changelogs, there's some factors to get the assist point. That is your distance from the killed hero and the time you were there.


There's also new skills for Mortred.

Stiffling Dagger

Stiffling Dagger

Stiffling Dagger

The new skills is great. Compared to the old skills (Shadow Strike), this skill will help you more to get a kill. Mortred also can easily use it because of the low mana cost. The low cooldown and slow given combined with Blink Strike is the perfect combination to make a kill.

Stiffling Dagger

Look at dagger! It is great isn't it? What makes it more neat to use is the slow effect after the dagger hit it.

Stiffling Dagger

The slow is just like the Butcher (Pudge) but in a single target. It will help you chase, because the cooldown is relatively low and the very cheap mana cost. Great buff for Phantom Assassin.

Hmmm, i think those screenshot already cover the main change on 6.51 version. But still, if you want another screenshot just say it (tell me which change you want the screenshot). Cheers! :)

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  1. yea the assist feature brings more fun in dota, but do u get gold for an assist?

  2. @leo - I think not. In the changelog, IceFrog said that the assist point didn't affect the gameplay at all. I think it's biggest purpose is to give the reward for support based hero :)

  3. PA new skill was really good...
    i can make more kills than before...