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Luna Moonfang The Moon Rider Guide & Walkthrough

Luna Moonfang The Moon Rider Guide, Walkthrough, Item Build and Skill Build.

Luna Moonfang

Luna Moonfang is a stalwart and devout follower of the Moon Goddess, Elune. She fights alongside the Sentinel in the neverending battle to cleanse the land of the unholy Scourge. Through her valiant efforts, she has been granted small portions of Elune's mystical power. Luna uses this gift to cut a swath through her enemies. It has been said that Luna is able to call down the very light of the moon, and is always surrounded by a glowing aura, as though in moonlight herself. Luna is a shining beacon for the Sentinel, an ever vigilant protector.

Luna Moonfang

Base HP: 435
Base Mana: 208
Strength - 15 + 1.75
Agility - 22 + 2.8 (Primary)
Intelligence - 16 + 1.85

Base damage 43 - 49
Attack range of 330
Base Armor 4.1
Movement speed of 320


Lucent Beam

Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, damaging an enemy unit.

Level 1 - 75 damage.
Level 2 - 150 damage.
Level 3 - 225 damage.
Level 4 - 300 damage.

Mana Cost: 95/ 110/ 125/ 140
Cooldown: 7

After Lucent Beam did not effect Eclipse damage, looks like everybody leave this skill when build battle Luna.

Moon Glaives

Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack. Each enemy struck beyond the first incurs a 35% damage loss, per unit.

Level 1 - Luna hits 2 enemies with every attack.
Level 2 - Luna hits 3 enemies with every attack.
Level 3 - Luna hits 4 enemies with every attack.
Level 4 - Luna hits 5 enemies with every attack.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

A great skill, but for harassing melee hero while last hitting. Great skill for farming as Luna launches painful bouncing glaives, also work well for team battle.

Lunar Blessing

Nearby ranged units gain the power of the moon.

Level 1 - Increases base ranged damage by 6%.
Level 2 - Increases base ranged damage by 13%.
Level 3 - Increases base ranged damage by 20%.
Level 4 - Increases base ranged damage by 27%.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Great skill and synergize with glaives. Also helping your team, especially when you got teammates like Viper or Traxec.


Calls to the moon's magic, summoning a concentrated burst of level 4 Lucent Beams(no matter whether what your lucent beam level is) to damage targets within 450 AoE around Luna.
If Luna dies while casting Eclipse, Lucent Beams will still be produced at the area where she dies.

Level 1 - Summons 4 Lucent Beams.
Level 2 - Summons 7 Lucent Beams.
Level 3 - Summons 10 Lucent Beams.

Mana Cost: 250/ 350/ 450
Cooldown: 140/ 120/ 100

This skill makes people fear to meet you one-by-one. Almost result in a sure kill when it used to fight one hero alone. Watch for the creeps when use this skill because the damage will be shared.

Skill Build

1. Stats/ Lucent Beam
2. Lunar Blessing/Moon Glaives
3. Stats
4. Lunar Blessing
5. Lunar Blessing
6. Eclipse
7. Lunar Blessing
8. Moon Glaives
9. Moon Glaives
10. Moon Glaives/Lunar Blessing
11. Eclipse
12. Moon Glaives
13-15. Stats
16. Eclipse
17-21. Stats
22. Lucent Beam/Stats
23-25. Lucent Beam

This build is designed to build battle Luna. Go for Stats and Lunar Blessing in early games. Those will makes you easily to get last hit while stats help your survivability. Take 1 level of Lucent Beam for the mini-stun if you're facing channeling heroes on your lane. Lucent Beam is maxed at your last levels because it doesn't give you lane control. If you max it first, Luna will lose it's effectiveness during mid and late game.

Moon Glaives is taken after Lunar Blessing, because Lunar Blessing gives you more damage for last hitting. Take
Moon Glaives early when you are facing melee hero for harassing while killing creeps or denying. Moon Glaives don’t give you lane controlling abilities, it just help you pushing and farming. A bit of Stats are gotten early as they’re still much better than Moon Glaives, and they give you a bit of everything you need.

Moon Glaives are gotten as soon as you maxed out Lunar Blessing, as you probably have enough overall damage to deal significant damage with your Bouncing Glaives. But if you're gonna for neutral creeps, take
Moon Glaives immediately as it will really help you kill neutrals faster. Eclipse is maxed out whenever you can, as it deals superb damage and you can kill any lone enemy you pass by, and it deals great damage in a teamfight.

Item Build

1. 2 Set of Tangos + Circlet of Nobility
2. Finish 1-2 Wraithbands
Boots of Speed
4. Helm of Ironwill
5. Mask of Death (Helm of Dominator)
6. Finish Power Treads
7. Black King Bar (optional)
9. Finish Satanic

Your items should be like this:


Get tangoes and some stats from circlets, tangoes is better than Ring of Regeneration since you will get Dominator. Wraithbands is better than bracers because you need fast damage boost for farming. Helm of the Dominator is probably better than any other item for Luna, as it gives Luna more capability to survive while farming. The leech helps Luna on jungling and the dominate ability will get you a Centaur/Furbols. Use them to stomp then Eclipse to get kills.

Black King Bar is an optional items. When you are facing so much nuker, it's advisable you buy this thing before Butterfly. If you're going extraordinary farming or your enemies are all DPS hero, rushing Butterfly will gives you better result. It gives you everything, damage, attack speed and especially the evasion.

Upgrade your shoes into Power Treads to boost attack speed After get some damage items, finish the Satanic. With the additional hp given and the additional lifesteal boost, you’re sure to survive much longer against enemy heroes, and Satanic’s active lifeleech gives you additional damage, plus the lifeleech, which gives you a lifesteal even on the bouncing glaives.


Luna like the other agility heroes, is fragile early games. Your attack range is very short for a range hero. Try to get last hit and farming immediately. Don't bother for harassing, you will get a kill when you got your ulti's. When you get a Dominator, it's time for jungling since Luna skills makes jungling very easy.
You can go live in the forest and gain a lot of money in a short time. There’s no problem when you encounter any enemy hero, considering you can survive whatever they can take and that you can kill them with Eclipse and a few more hits.

Keep farming and farming. Luna is an exceptional farmer and you must maximize it's potential to rush your items. Only do ganking when they are close to your jungling position. If you are ganking too far, it means you’ll lose a lot of time farming and will delay your items. The most efficient way to kill heroes is to surprise eclipse them, offensively in a lane. When getting caught in a forest, you will turn out to be some sort of Anti-Gank, so it means you can kill them when you're getting harmed, just make sure they won't survive. If you're short of HP, don't bother and leech some creeps.

When it's times for team battles, the most important things is watch for enemies creeps. Don't waste your ulti's on creeps. Tell your teams to clear the creeps first. Raigor and QoP
ulti's are great way to clear the creeps. After the creeps clear, jump in and start Eclipse. They’ll receive a massive amount of damage, and all you have to do next is to attack them. Activate Unholy Rage if you have Satanic, start hitting the weakest hero and leech at the same time. Your Glaives will hurt a lots of hero and hopefully can bring you a 1-3 kill.

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  2. after the major change in 6.50b should the skill built and the item built to be changed? im having a school competiton and i will like to no the best 5 combination for 5v5 and can you please tell me a caracter that i can use in version 6.50. its alright if you does not felt like aswering me but i will appeciate it if you do. i learn a lot from this website, thank you very much. by the way i went into the competition just for fun cause i m a noobie :) hehe

  3. @noobie
    Yeah, i know. But maybe it will take some times to give the update. After all, i have a feeling that the next map will give a lot of balance. About best 5 combination, i think that's depends on your own team. But i have seen one of MYM great combination, that's Rexxar, Furion, QoP, Zeuz and Raigor. But there's a lot more combination out there. Don't afraid to experiment :)

  4. maybe i will have version 6.44 or maybe 6.49 in the competition, my team is all noob and we were given only 1 hour to win the enemy. hence, i had dedcided to have pushing hero and hero that can destroy tower as 1 tower destroy will get some point. i have decided to use sandking which can solo tower, furion which can summon creeps, raska which can ulti the tower and viper which my friend request to use it. the another one i had not decide yet so can you give me an idea if you think the combination i mention can make it. also should there be some changes in the skill and item built if we were only playing it for 1 hour? oh ya what about tiny? can solo tower. anyway i was a noob and i dont really think it will work -.- by the way can you tell me what to buy for raska?

  5. can i know about skeleton king?
    on the items startegies and all the stuff?
    i appreciate it very much

  6. @noobie
    i suppose the game is allpick then? cos u have furion and sand king/viper.

    My suggestion would be sand king and furion on 1 lane (perhaps top lane) cos their combo is deadly. Sand king stun, and ulti immediately while furion sprout the enemy and SK, thats a guaranteed kill as long as the enemy doesnt have blink or stun to cancel epicenter cast.

    Viper should be alone at mid, cos hes an amazing carry hero. dont let viper die at any cost. viper shouldnt go for kill if its not guaranteed kill. just hang back and farm farm farm radiance, butterfly, etc.. u will win with a good carry even if he didnt kill any1 early.

    bottom lane i suggest u have a tanker (tree is good) and another late game hero.. luna is always good for noobies or u can go silencer for a more imba team.

    so there u have a team with 2 disable, 1 semi disable, 1 slow, and 1 silence

    as for tiny, there are a few way to play him.. caster/tanker.. just look out for his guide.

  7. i dont think the ulti f luna moonfangworks the way you thought, try it...

  8. @above - maybe you should read my earlier comment. I haven't update this build since the major change on 6.50, so this build is currently outdated. I hope i can update it soon :D

  9. One thing with luna u havnt really mentioned,

    luna vs any stun or nuke early game = DEAD

    luna rivals nevermore for early game easy die-ablity. im a decient techies user and i jump for joy when some1 picks luna. when u update this guild maby instead of making wraith's recomend bracers because they have agi bonus but early game str is more important because no matter how imbal luna is late game if u've been repeadly killed early game u'll b aboslutly usless late game and will feed the entire time.

    and if u wanna no anything bout most chars msg me at

    im always willing to help ppl

    (also im suicide_cult on GGC if u cant reach me in email and ill help u out there).

  10. errr the guide is gud but usually guides are supposed to tell us what we don't know !!! and ur guide pretty much doesn't do that !! and i would like to add another imba item to u build (lothar's edge). the best item for luna !! ulti + ww = gg !! gud luck !

  11. strongly agree with lothar...
    tis make luna scary to others... sudden appear to ulti...
    and can use to run...

  12. aghanim for god's sake!!

  13. For a 5v5 battle,i think Troll,Slayer,Priestress of the Moon,OmniKnight,Earthshaker are the best.Moon goes solo ,Troll and Omni go bottom and Slayer,Earth go up.Omni and Troll make a good combi with the Repel+Rampage.Earth and Slayer have both stun skills so they can gank easily.At the end of the game when Troll has farmed enough, the victory is for sure.=)

  14. doenst make sense, if the first 6 lvls i dont skill lucent beam, and at lvl 6 i suddenly skill eclipse ?!

    explain that ...

  15. Are is the Satanic Better than Aghanims Scepter??? its more like Mask of Death + Refresher Orb

  16. lol mas malakas pa ako sayo mag dota anu kba?? baliw ka weakweakweak

  17. vanguard on luna is like a dagger on magina

  18. ., just asking if this item for luna is good or bad??.,

    2butterfly,satanic,boots of travel,
    aghanims scepter and one refresher orb.,??

  19. kantot sarap lucky meApril 23, 2009 at 8:52 AM


    1. threads/bot

    no need to buy refresher with this build no one can hurt you

  20. Taken from DOTAwiki:
    Glaives override both Feedback (Diffusal Blade, Manta Style) and Cold Attack (Eye of Skadi), and other orbs (Corruption, Maim, Chain Lightning) cause her attack to malfunction entirely, stripping her of her physical attack.
    Only, ONLY Lifesteal works. Agha is not useful, one more lucentbeam... greaaaaaat. @ the time you have agha farmed (which will be late, since YOU bought treads, I buy Bot for farming,) everyone will laugh at you and one more beam, which MAY hit.

  21. I for one think that this build can be modified due to the altest version of 6.60. The skill build is as following:
    Level 1:Moon Glaive
    Level 2: Lucent beam
    Level 3: Moon Glaive:
    ' 4: Lucent Beam
    ' 5: Moon Glaive
    ' 6: Eclipse
    ' 7: Lucent Beam
    ' 8: Moon Glaive
    " 9: Lucent Beam
    ' 10: Moon Glaive
    ' 11: Eclipse
    ' 12: Stats
    ' 13: Stats
    ' 14: Stats
    ' 15: Stats
    ' 16: Eclipse
    ' 17: Lunar Blessing
    ' 18: Lunar Blessing
    ' 19: Lunar Blessing
    ' 20: Lunar Blessing
    ' 21: Stats
    ' 22: Stats
    ' 23: Stats
    ' 24: Stats
    ' 25: Stats

    This is my skill build because I think that At lower levels luna nnids more farming than killing. And when faced with an enemy i think she nids to harass it ASAP. The more a hero is harassed the more he/she spends time in the well. So now you can see that Luna now has an advantage on levels. Now on with the items.

    I think that dominator is good because of Life-Steal is a must because of the glaive. Then treads then leotars. Then butterfly. Then tarasque.

    Leotars is good when doing eclipse on a retreating hero. It can be used as an escape mechanism or as an assault/trap of some sort. Tarasque is needed later because of luna's low HP. There you go...I hope this helps.

  22. i hope luna is buffed up in the next map

  23. FFS she need a lothars ......u do ulti.... then lothars so thay cant see u ;)

  24. and i am in the same mind of Gemini7513

  25. try this skill and item build:
    Skill Build
    lvl 1 Lunar Blessing
    lvl 2 Moon Glaives
    lvl 3 Lunar Blessing
    lvl 4 Moon Glaives
    lvl 5 Lunar Blessing
    lvl 6 Eclipse
    lvl 7 Moon Glaives
    lvl 8 Lunar Blessing
    lvl 9 Moon Glaives
    lvl 10 Lucent Beam
    lvl 11 Eclipse
    lvl 12 Lucent Beam
    lvl 13 Lucent Beam
    lvl 14 Lucent Beam
    lvl 15 Stats
    lvl 16 Eclipse
    lvl 17 Stats
    lvl 18 Stats
    lvl 19 Stats
    lvl 20 Stats
    lvl 21 Stats
    lvl 22 Stats
    lvl 23 Stats
    lvl 24 Stats
    lvl 25 Stats

    Item Build
    Aghanim's Scepter
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Lothar's Edge
    Boots of Travel

  26. the best item build for luna is:
    3.lothar's edge
    4.aghanim's scepter

  27. have you tried manta style on luna?

  28. manta works great on luna try it u'll nid atleast 2 enemy heroes for fast kill.

  29. After all the modifications... luna can now use manta (manta no longer has feedback and also gives a decent hp boost and also gives bonus move speed)

    Also, this hero is also taken up for mid lane. you start of with a flying courier. nothing else. After which you cautiously save up for bottle and have your crow get it for you. The skill build will require lucent beam to be max first. With this build, luna can easily send his opponent in the mid lane back home, and to add to that, the mid lane hero levels faster and gains gold quicker as he is solo. He is also able to dominate the runes...

    1 BRACER


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  33. luna is the favorite food of my favorite yurnero...:)

  34. ~ the comment above..

    ~ You've only known DOTA?? just DOTA?? how idiot you are.. don't comment here if your just threatening others.. they are just sharing on what build what they want.. you are the one who is noob.. such an imbecile you are..

  35. For this lady...
    just use

    Divine Rapier x5

    thats how it is....bwahahahahaha

  36. she is really good 2 play with this is my first time playing with her

  37. lol.,
    3.manta style
    5.aghanim's scepter
    6.refresher orb?
    pwd na ba?haha.,XD


    DIVINE OR RADIANCE.......UR ALL A NOOBS...........


  40. Agree with above.
    Chicken(cause you need lots of items from base) + 3 branch + salve + tango

    -->Magic stick

    1. Treads
    2. Dominator
    3. Manta
    4. Butter/bkb
    5. Satanic/bkb
    6. Depends on game

  41. Ignore people who dont put bkb in their build. Luna is nothing without bkb.

  42. it's all depend on the player to decide their item.. lol.. not all player can buy all the item if playing 5v5.. that really irratating..

  43. kinantot ko si luna pero walang nangyare

  44. You cannot cast eclipse if you won't get lucent beam, and by the way, i am playing 6.70(december 2010 latest map) and if you want a killer luna, then all the items you need in early game is...

    1. ring of bacilius(mana regeneration)
    2. tango/salve

    next, the skills you need to consider in early game...

    level is based on numbers.
    1.lunar blessing
    2.moon glaives
    3.lucent beam
    4.lucent beam
    5.lucent beam

    now, for other items(in order)

    1. power threads
    2. helm of dominator
    3. yasha, ultimate orb, manta recipe(you can have this as early as possible because you can kill neutral creeps already since you already have a domi and power threads.)
    4. hyperstone, chain mail, the plate mail, cuirass
    5. butterfly
    6. whatever you want

    the game ends early that i cannot make the 5 and 6 items, and i own the game. by the way, it all depends on how you handle your hero, do not copy other player's hero guide because those are their guide, not yours. You will completely lose control of your hero if you do so. So just discover it for yourself. Happy gaming!!!

    "Moonlight shines upon the guilty and the innocent alike." - Luna Moonfang

  45. Im a newbee on luna tnx for the info. My game was very good i even won the game. Even though the items was old now.. the strategies are good. thanks...

  46. pew!!

    just full your lucent baems before you get eclipse that way you can have sure kills got it

  47. what a stupid guide. maxing lucent beam will help u to control the lane even u dont use bottle - crow strategy. moon glaive should be taken after lunar blessing is max out and eclipse is always taken asap

  48. fuck u anonymous

  49. try ntin luna ako

  50. For fun...


    I just like to see the orb effect bounce. But Domi~Satanic is still preferable 

  51. ulol wala ka namang titi eh

  52. lol i guess it takes a noob to know a noob...

  53. I hate the lucent beam strategy if you see my item build it can one hit

  54. I see yours its cool!!!

  55. Idiot lucent beams should be maxed out first so the eclispe can get more damage

  56. Can u like see the date where this is posted before u comment?

  57. malakas si carido roberto

  58. weak c daden at sinakulot

  59. dodz love janice

  60. JohncharlesagustinApril 9, 2012 at 12:15 AM

    bading ka lang 1v1 nalang

  61. galing ko kanina luna 

  62. You have to make a lothars for your eclipes

  63. just for asking, why don't upgrade her lucent beam first? because without it, her ulti will a bit weak don't you think?

  64. U all motherfucker dumbassess nobbies. We are 6.78 now fucker slut bitches!

  65. luna is my best hero... nobody can take me down when i used her... try to face me... and then talk...