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Dota-Allstars Attack Speed Guide

Dota-Allstars Attack Speed Guide will be posted here. This guide is made by Malle from , all the credit belong to him.

( 1 + IAS ) / BAT = Attacks Per Game Second

BAT / ( 1 + IAS ) = Game Seconds Per Attack

BAT is Base Attack Time:
The time in seconds between attacks without any increased attack speed

IAS is Increased Attack Speed:
How much faster you attack (100% IAS = 1.00 IAS)

Each point of agility gives you 0.01 (or 1%) IAS.

IAS stacks additively
Gloves of Haste (15% IAS) and Hyperstone (55% IAS) will give you a total of 0.7 (55%+15%=70%) IAS.

Negative values (from something that slows you) is just removed from your IAS
Take the above example of 0.7 (70%) IAS but you get slowed by Untouchable lvl 3 for -0.90 (-90%) IAS, you end up at -0.2 (-20%) IAS.

The final IAS affecting your attack can range from -0.8 to 4. Anything less than -0.8 will act as -0.8, and anything more than 4 will act as 4.

Maximum attack speed is thus:
5 / BAT = Attacks Per Game Second
BAT / 5 = Game Seconds Per Attack

And minimum attack speed is thus:
0.2 / BAT = Attack Per Game Second
BAT / 0.2 = Game Second Per Attack

To see which is more effective to get, IAS or damage, you can use the following formula:

X = Y * ( 1 + IAS ) / DPA
Y = ( X * DPA ) / ( 1 + IAS )

DPA = Damage Point Average (the average damage per attack)
IAS = Increased Attack Speed
X = amount of IAS needed to equal Y damage
Y = amount of damage needed to equal X IAS

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  1. well its a little complicated. but 1 question: can you explain me the starting attack speed how mucch should it be and how does it improve per level? email

  2. Each heroes have their own starting/base attack speed, just like base HP or attack. How does it improve per level? It improve along with your agility increase, that's why Tiny which have little agility increase has a poor IAS.

  3. how do you see what your current attack speed is in the game?? is there a command?

  4. study physics lolz!
    i see the fastest attack speed in dota is RAZOR freenzy, bfly and +agi per lvl.

    Kati ng Kaso-kasuan e jacol na yan!

  5. to see your current attack speed u can type -apm.However that is in minutes so u have to divide the value by 60(I think)

  6. @above - "-apm" is not checking your attack speed, but stand for "action per minute". So if you idle for a minute, you apm will be zero :)

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  10. let see...
    if i'm using faceless void and the items are
    -assault cuirass
    so... how...????
    is there any short cut like -ap to know heroes attack speed.

  11. say, your bat is 1.0, slowed by untouchable lv4, therefore maybe is about 1.25, 1.87, 2.5, 5.0. therefore, 1.7 means a 2.12, 3.18, 4.25, 8.5. if should there be more accurate values, i'd like to hear. tq

  12. the attack speed is not in attack's per sec. Its attack's per min. Most heros have a apm of 20-30 some more some less.

  13. Person above.. if you type -apm and it shows 20-30 this is your actions per minute. e.g. rightclinking while your hero is targeted or casting spells. The fact that you only have 20-30 (1 action every 2-3 seconds) is very sad.

    Anyway, i would just like to mention that the base attack speed of around 95% of all DotA heroes is 1.7 a/s, which is also the lowest. Magina got highest base atk speed with 1.35 a/s, Although alchemists a/s is 1.2 with lvl 3 Cemical Rage.