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New Naix on 6.49 Dota-Allstars Map

Naix also has been remade since 6.49 Dota-Allstars Map. His skills are now completely re-design. Do you like the Old or the New Naix? Before you choose, check this post first.

STR: 25+2.4
AGI: 18+1.8
INT: 15+1.75

Gives 30/45/60/80% attack speed and magic immunity for 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds. 15 second cooldown, 75 mana.

Lifesteals 4/5/6/7% and does the same amount as damage

Open Wounds:
Rends a target for 7 seconds, slowing movespeed and allowing allies to leech 10/15/2025% of its health on attack. Victim slowly regains movespeed over time. 30/25/20/15 cooldown, 70/80/90/100 mana.

Goes into a creep for an infinite duration. Can pop out at any time, killing the creep and getting back its current/current/max HP. 100/70/40 cooldown, 150/100/50 mana.

Do you like Naix when he is on the old BKB rage model? Hmmm, now you will see the New Naix Rage :)

Pretty cool isn't it? But what about his skills? A lot of people's feels the new Naix are weaker. But what about you? Feel free to gives any comment. :)

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  1. The new Naix is definately stronger compared to the old one for the first 10 levels...

    But later levels, esp after lv.14, the Old Naix is COMPLETELY MUCH MORE STRONGER with the same items though...

    ~ Erm... with the change of skill set... this is not Naix anymore... I do hope there can be some new hero to take on the new Naix skill set.

    Anyway, The new Naix model is definately MUCH MUCH COOLER than ALL previous models... good job on that!

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  5. naix not a weak hero, his own lifesteal is better than basic lifesteal because it deal bonus damage on lvl4 it deal 7% of enemy current Hp every hit!
    Naix only need attack speed, hp regen, and survivability form any spell combos, so my item for naix in 5vs5 team battle i get first is "Just Two" ring of regeneration to survival in lane and jungle.. I dont need tango or salve anymore, and in late game i can easy get pt, hood of defiance, and my core armlet and mask of madness, and last get linken sphere. okay.. Who wanna beat my naix noW??? :) "VinD"

  6. my items for naix :
    - Assault cuirass
    - Satanic
    - Butterfly
    - power thread (str)
    - armlet
    - Heart of tarrasque/radiance

  7. -heart of tarrasque/radiance...or basher ^^

  8. its noob to get basher for naix!! Withouth much attack speed you cant see the stun animation.. It very rare!, basher only equip to a hero with high atk speed in early to mid game, agi hero too.. It not efective for str hero, just Balanar can get better with this item.
    Never get it, you can get orb item call it "STYGIAN DESOLATOR" the core for naix. Trust me! The 60 damage corruption and -6 armor it nightmare with 7% passive lifesteal form naix.
    But You can get satanic when there too much carry hero in battle like Ursa Warrior to survival!

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