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6.49 Dota-Allstars Map Secret Boss & Frog Walkthrough

6.49 Dota-Allstars Map offering 4 secret bosses! After you finishing the frog quest needed (this post will give you the walkthrough, dont't worry!), you will have a chance to fight those secret bosses.The main purpose of the quest is to kill some iceFrogs (yes,frogs!). For each frog you killed, you will get a Letter, just take all those letters.

To finish the quest and kill the iceFrog above, you will need these skills:
1. True sight. (Gem, Sentry Ward Rootfellen eyes)
2. Blink Ability. (Blink Dagger, Magina, Akasha)
3. Something to destroy the trees. (Rexxar, Furion, Tango).
4. Dagon or spells. (to kill the iceFrogs)

First Boss
1. Scourge top line, between the first tower and the second tower. [Q]
2. Sentinel Fountain, behind the tavern. You must blink to reach it. [u]
3. Sentinel Neutral Creep Camp, the third cap from the left. [A]
4. The island on the bottom-right corner of the map. To reach it, you must go to the upper-left corner of the map, destroy the trees until you find a green portal. Right click and you will be teleported to the island. Destroy the fourth iceFrogs there.

After you got all those letters, you will get Orb of Frost. Drop it and you will fight the first boss.

Item : Orb of Frost
Boss : Blue Dragon
HP : 20,000
Damage : 303-336 Dmg (Chaos)
Abilities : Spell Immunity, Cold Attack (orb)

Second Boss
5. The upper side of the top Scourge line barrack, in the trees. [W]
6. Scourge Neutral Creep Camp, second from the left. You must blink to reach it, in the hill. [E]
7. The empty area between Sentinel Creep Camp 1 & 2 [X]

After you got all those letters, you will get Orb of Frost. Go back to the green portal, teleport, drop the orb and you will fight the second boss.

Item : Orb of LIghtning
Boss : Giant Wisp
HP : 20,000 HP
Damage : 303-336 Dmg (Chaos)
Abilities: Spell Immunity, Purging Attack (orb)

Third boss
8. The trees on the left side of Scourge Dragon Creep Camp . [E]
9. The trees on the right map, the upper side of Scourge Secret Shop.[X]
10. A valley/hole on the left side of Sentinel Dragon Creep Camp Sentinel. You must blink to reach it. [T]
11. Bottom Sentinel line, in a hole between the first and the second Sentinel tower. [O]
12. The trees on the left line, between the New Secret Shop and the river. [R]
13. The left side of the green portal. [T]

After you got all those letters, you will get Orb of Fire. Go back to the green portal (you should already there after kill the last iceFrog), teleport, drop the orb and you will fight the third boss.

Item : Orb of Fire
Boss : Phoenix
HP : 20,000 HP
Damages : 303-336 (Chaos)
Abilities : Spell Immunity, splash damage (by orb)

After you beat all the bosses, the background music will change and here come the Final Boss.KAEL THE INVOKER!!! "I have returned!"

Boss : Kael the Invoker
Level 1
Damage : 921-927 damage (Hero)
Base armor: 61 (Hero)
Attributes: 18 Str, 14 Agi, 19 Int
Mana : 247
HP : 50,342

When you fight him, just don't die. If you die, he will gain a level (OMG!). When your done, you will smile after get the reward!

"An ancient artifact, thought to have lost to the pages of history. It still retain some of its former power, but to what extent is not clear..."

Price : 20,000
Ability : 522 Movespeed, 100% chance for 5x Critical, Kael's Linken (Linken Sphere with 0 cooling Down).
Not drop when you die.

If you still confuse and want to see the quest by yourself, here some recommended videos on Youtube.
Youtube 1 (05:40), 5 hero fighting Kael without cheats!
Youtube 2 (02:11), quest until you fight the Frost Dragon.
Youtube 3 (10:56), the complete video, from the first until the last iceFrogs. Watch this if you too lazy want to read the walktrough ^_^

Have a nice try! :)

Oh yeah , you can download 6.49 map in here.

PS: If you want to know how to beat him single handedly without cheats, watch this post. Also maybe you want to read this post if you want to play as Kael and know more about him.

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  1. hey dude, i like your blog. its top notch but can u please give us a link to dl 6.49 so we can all have a go at kicking kaels' butt? i've been crawling through many rubbish links from google searching without being able to actually find a reliable dl link.
    cheers mate

  2. @anonymous
    Thanks for reminds me. I already give the link for 6.49 at the post. It's via Mediafire though, but i think it's ok.

  3. Hey, I tried out the quest thing. Thanks for the guide! Also, the item appears to give a damage return, similar to Centaur's Return ability. The damage returned is 100.

  4. @alief

    cheers mate. i've been away from dota for a while so had no chance to check out ur blog. thanks for your speedy response. apologise for my own slowness.

    Kudos and keep up the good work!

  5. okay i just know this one

  6. dude, i kinda need urgent help. i cant play the secret bosses. is there a spesific 6.49 map? can u email me ur map? loyalculprit[at]yahoo.com. thanks a bunch...

  7. Hmmm, if you read the post carefully, i already attach the download link in the end of this post. But, i will email you the map anyway :)

  8. nevermind. i got the map. i've been trying it on 6.49c. i wanted to beat kael with all the heroes but i guess thats impossible. some heroes are just pathetic without magic. thanks anyway. from malaysia.

  9. hello. i have very tired to search map that have a icefrog on that map. i try to download the map that you post in the end of your post but isn't didn't exist again.
    "Invalid Quickkey. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team."
    Can you attach/send to my email mhdivansarif[at]gmail.com
    Thank you

  10. @dedy - i already update the link. Looks like mediafire have different format of link. I already fixed this :)

  11. is this secret bosses only can be found in map 6.49? how about in the lattest map? huhu...

  12. is it possible to do this in LAN?

  13. @kb - yes, it is possible, but only use 6.49 map, not 6.49b.

  14. here is the download link for 6.49. it was already on the website...


  15. er can you be more specific about the third boss? can't find the frogs. What's a Dragon Creep Camp anyway?

  16. the frogs of the third boss, the [X] scroll is on the right side of the scourge secret shop, it is on the trees.

  17. Guys I have trouble finding the Icefrog which gives the X for the second boss. Can you post a picture or something like that which shows where exactly it can be found? Please!!!

  18. PLAY 6.67c AND just play and enjoy

  19. When will be out 6.68 HURRY up ice frog or bllizard

  20. can i join your group

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